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Our work is dedicated to the benefit, health and well being of the companion birds we love. Our mission is to provide a safe haven and rescue for unwanted parrots and promote responsible parrot guardianship for all captive birds. As a rescue, we strive to rehabilitate needy birds and rehome those friendly, tame or adoptable birds.


The Parrots in Paradise Sanctuary was founded on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2003 by Dorothy and Jerry Walsh, concerned and caring owners of companion birds. We consider the presence of these intelligent and wild at heart beings a special gift in our lives.

Our organization is a unique, valuable and lifesaving resource within the local "exotic bird community". We are committed to support responsible and enjoyable pet ownership and are pro-active avian advocates and caregivers.


Our Sanctuary facility serves as a safe haven for parrots in need of urgent care, attention, love and adoption. We provide new owner education programs for those adopting a bird to help ensure healthy, happy birds, coexisting with responsible human caretakers - in environments where these beautiful creatures can thrive.

Learning about the complex needs of these special creatures before bringing them into your family is critical. By helping to create informed and responsible bird owners, it is our goal to change the heartbreaking "throw away mentality" bird rescue organizations are faced with on a daily basis.

The Parrots in Paradise Bird Sanctuary also works closely with owners to arrange for long-term Sanctuary or adoption. In the event that they become unable to care for or should predecease their companion bird we are there to help. We believe that responsible and loving bird ownership must include care that will last a lifetime.

ABOUT The Birds AND US...

Now, and for the duration of their lives, these beautiful creatures, some that were actually taken from their wild habitat, have come to rely on us for food, shelter and protection. We, who truly care, recognize that humanity must remain responsible caretakers for those creatures that we have tamed.

Sadly, many of the birds we help come to us with physical and behavioral problems, often making placement into adoptive homes difficult if not impossible.


A number of the birds we receive have been abused or neglected. Often they have been purchased on impulse by those uninformed about the realities of caring for and living with them and are now simply "no longer wanted".

When a bird enters our Sanctuary their special needs and state of health are carefully assessed. In many cases, with time and love, we are able to win back their trust again. With proper medical attention, nutrition and training many of these birds can often be placed into new homes. It is our goal that any bird in our care determined to be unfit for adoption remains safely in Sanctuary for the duration of their life.


Jerry and Dorothy Walsh are parrot enthusiasts and advocates. They have lived on the Big Island since 1988. Jerry has a background in horticulture and Dorothy is a nurse practitioner. Retired from their former occupations, they have dedicated themselves to the cause of parrot rescue and the promotion of parrot community education and responsible parrot guardianship.


  • ADOPTION: Our adoption group will assist prospective owners to create a harmonious fit between bird and owner before transitioning to a new home. Follow-up monitoring and ongoing support is provided for those who adopt any of our Sanctuary birds.

  • EDUCATION: We offer on-site owner and bird training as well as nutrition classes to educate responsible pet owners in the proper care of these sensitive, unpredictable and intelligent companions. Through our community outreach programs and bird presentations, we deliver an educational message and demonstrate the special joy exotic parrots can bring.

  • RESCUE AND EMERGENCY INTERVENTION: We provide emergency Sanctuary shelter and rehabilitation beyond the scope of a home setting. Crisis intervention and trauma treatment are available with support from our local Avian Veterinarian Alliance.


Consider these questions:

  • What will happen if your parrot outlives you, or you can no longer provide for its needs in the future?

  • Who will care for your beloved and trusting companion of a lifetime?

The quality of your bird's future life depends on your responsible choice today! Exotic birds can live for 80+ years and it is often difficult for even the most devoted of owners to remain committed to their care for this lengthy life span. We can assist you in establishing a legal perpetual care arrangement if needed.

Parrots in Paradise Bird Sanctuary offers guidance for trust document preparation and long-term placement support to ensure that your companion is properly cared for.


Our Sanctuary operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, with a small volunteer staff. We are solely reliant on personal contribution or foundation grants to sustain the operation of our facility and provide educational services. With your support in the form of donations (fully tax deductible), we can continue to carry out our important work as advocates and caretakers for these magnificent creatures.


  • Making a donation

  • Volunteering your time

  • Adopting a Sanctuary bird

Call us for a current list of adoptable parrots or to schedule a Sanctuary visit
Telephone: (808) 322-3006

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(All donations are tax deductible under our 501(c)(3) status, acknowledged by letter and greatly appreciated)


Parrots In Paradise Sanctuary
PO. Box 90
Kealakekua, HI 96750
Telephone: (808) 322-3006
Tax Identification #30-0363607

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